What is resistance welding?

The Resistance welding or by its also known RW nomenclature, refers to a set of welding processes that use pressure and heat, and they use the current flow to heat the material to its plastic state, The main characteristic is that the resistance welding process creates "coalescence or fusion" without the use of any component such as cast iron or material applied to it.,

Who was the first to prove that the flow of current through any ferrous and non-ferrous metal caused electrical resistance?

To have a basic understanding of Resistance welding, you need to know from the beginning, can be attributed to the discovery in 1864, to the english physicist James Prescott Joule which made the electric current flow through a copper filament, and I create a certain amount of resistance, which eventually generates heating, that generated so much heat to solder a copper coil and it will stay attached to carbon.

Who is Elihu Thomson?

And with this great knowledge Elihu Thomson I refine the process resistance welding, designing one of the first machines of resistance welding, He said that all that was needed was a primary transformer that connects to the electrical circuit, and a secondary, with a massive amount of copper wire, and hold the material tightly, making current flow through this, causing electrical resistance and by default welding the material, more of 100 years later this is still the basic resistance welding process.

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And over the years these applications have become more stable for certain processes, adding electrical controls, materials like Special coppers for durability and current conduction, and many more.

Thanks to its speed and its economical cost, it is one of the most widely used welding branches in mass production, its popularity is evident by so many variations in Resistance Welding, that exists in the market, and each of these has its own unique way of operating, along with its advantages and disadvantages. And all of these factors need to be considered before choosing your resistance welding process..

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