Spot welding machine

the punteadoras are machines that perform welding processes through electric resistance causing the electrodes, these are known as points.

This welding is mostly used in the automotive lines, manufacturing
mesh, ie for bonding sheets, or projections, rods, etc.

The metal sheets to be welded are placed between the electrodes which press strongly ensuring contact and low voltage and high amperage, that the difference in vector between these, It measured in KVA ((kilo volt-amperes)) this generates a constant between the two values ​​and gives a measurement point for classifying equipment.

the punteadoras Posen industrial electrodes are attached
two arms which function as presses and undergo the electrodes a
great pressure one against the other. (To protect the operator by emitting high pressure, please go to the option: PROTECTION FOR OPERATORS) of this tab (Spot welding machine).