Reviewing cone electrodes

Importance of matching the taper substituting electrodes

It is imperative that the electrode adapter snaps correctly. If the cones coincide can not lead to a series of malfunctions such as: leaks, accelerated wear, que caps o electrodes detaching and damaging, and poor weld quality due to improper fastening.

Measuring cones electrodes:

The taper accepted according to RWMA (Resistance welder manufacturers Alliance).
This rule stipulates the angle of the cone , the gauge for electrodes adapters and caps (male and female).
To verify that the components adhere to the specifications, Alcavil recommends using a certified gauge taper ring to check the adapters and to certify that they are correct measures of its electrodes, ya sean caps o electrodes standard.


Some tips to consider:

As part of its inspection procedure electrodes new entering your store, Always check that the specifications match, that whenever a new supplier or has been any modification to the design, this will help to avoid problems with their new products and thus avoid, production problems or quality arising.

Always remember:

    • Use the proper tool to remove caps.
    • Never use a hammer, or vice grips to loosen the caps of an adapter, Maso only use rubber.
    • Refrain from seat the caps hitting them with a hammer, his cap replacement process should be done with a low pressure, this in order that the caps seat properly; This will prevent misalignment and lower deformation. If this is not practical with your team, use a small rubber hammer blows.


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