Bridges feeler- Laminated Copper Shunts

Bridges Shim coppermade They are a conduit passing current
end to end. They are used in industries for spot welding machines.
These items are made with shims, since this is flexible and is
constantly moving.

To bridge feeler it is need to review measures and dimensions of the place where it will be located.

You alcavil have the equipment for measurement and making the bridge feeler perfect

for processing.

Do you think uses Bridge shims correct for processing?

Most of the times if you are not about experts,
It could result in several factors such as poor design, Shims are causing the slices and this is very easily wear.

Shim bridge has some flexibility and only experts give you the exact flexibility they need the arms of the punteadoras. Likewise
also the lack of conductivity due to poor clamping screeds or
While this has a thickness which is not appropriate and often screwed to an incorrectly laina.