Protection for operators Punteadoras

Operator Protection

Many companies are unaware that there is a way protect the operator. He 90% accidents happen during alignment of the electrodes. It is because of this need for protect workers, the American Engineer, Roger Hirsch of Unitrol Electrodes, I believe that a system to detect other material other than metal, causes the pressure to drop to such a degree that would not hurt at some point the extremities of the operator, endorsed by OSHA. Alcavil system which S.A. The C.V. It is a distributor (It includes installation). This system is also used to pneumatic punching machines.


► Easy Setup:
No calibration required, NEVER. Just install and turn on the computer.
► Universal:
It works with single-phase controls and MFDC they are not of Unitrol. Replace
a pair of relay switches the operating voltage of the valve between
115 VCA and 24 VCD.
► Always Ready to Protect:
It does not require recalibration even when you change the material, tooling that is
recién energized.
► Only set your Soldadora:
Not for production need to recalibrate. Automatically
compensates for changes in the primary switch transformer or changes in the
Main voltage plant.
► New Presentation:
Operation screen Easy to Read. Shows exactly what happens in the
system. It can be mounted on either side of the cabinet.
Just add the option Retraction pneumatic system with sensor
limit for HEAD-DOWN race to obtain full protection.
► Redundant Power:
All inputs and outputs require confirmation by closing
elements redundant electro-mechanical and solid-state for an operation
completely safe. It is self-monitors the output relay to prevent
operation if a fault condition is detected.

► Can not Cheat System.
► sensor cables always out of the Production Area:
The sensor cables are connected in the secondary circuit of the machine.
It is never necessary to connect them near the electrodes in any
► Quick Opening:
Electrodes closing at low pressure and open in less than half
second metal if not detected between the electrodes.
► Electrodes closed without delay Initial:
Electrodes welding program move at the same time it starts.
The speed is independent of the closing pressure welding.
► Works with stroke limit sensor:
Redundant systems

TYPES OF MACHINES: SOFT TOUCH can be used with all types of metals in welding press type, dump, portable clamp, by point welding, projection, the seam.

TYPES OF WELDING: The SOFT TOUCH can be used with all types of metals in welding press type, type tilting, portable tweezers and pliers hanging, to make the point solders, projection and seam.

FULLY PASSIVE: No operator adjustments. Although the height of the electrode or trip distance change, SOFT TOUCH the system continues to operate unchanged operator. In fact, no adjustments by operator.

OPERATION "FAIL SAFE": If any of the sensor cables are disconnected, SOFT TOUCH system is blocked and does not allow the electrodes to close or continue the process of welding. If the circuit of the system detects continuity SOFT TOUCH BEFORE contact the pedal or manual buttons close, the system locks and prevents any movement of the electrodes.

Select a model for your machine:

Heavy head:
Type machines Press. When the head weighs more than 50 pounds, this is, deadweight head without air pressure in the actuator.
head Light:
Machine Type Press. When the head weighs less than 50 pounds, Tipper machines, Tweezers Hand *, Intensification cylinder machines, Tweezers and Pendants.
Configured with valves ¾" for use with cylinders of diameters 2" – 8".

Soft Touch para control neumático

generator control system parameters with included SoftTouch

SolutionI is the next generation of controls resistance welding. It is very easy to use and very accurate at the time of giving correct parameters according to the entered information it is what is welded. You do not need to see any guide for your parameters e It includes SoftTouch system to protect the operator.