Nonferrous metals

Conductivity in IAACS of Special Copper


The Nonferrous metals are those whose composition is not iron. Some of the most important are the Copper, Zinc, Lead, Tin, Magnesium, Aluminum. They are classified into three groups:

  • Heavy: are those whose density is equal or greater than 5 kg/dm³.
  • Light: its density is between 2 and 5 kg/dm³.
  • Ultralight: its density is less than 2 kg/dm³.

Cobres They are classified as heavy non-ferrous materials, since its density is 8,9 kg/dm, its melting point is 1083 degrees Celsius, its tensile strength is 18 kg/mm2, it is soft and manageable, pose an excellent thermal conductivity and electrical

Among the most popular alloys in the resistance welding are

  • RWMA 15000 – Copper Zirconium
  • RWMA 18150 – Copper Zirconium
  • RWMA 18200 – Copper Chromium
  • RWMA 17500 – Cobalt Beryllium copper
  • RWMA 17510 – Nickel Beryllium Copper
  • RWMA 18000 – Silicon Chromium Nickel Copper
  • Beryllium copper

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