Pressure gauges for Punteadoras

In the resistance welding there is a variant that is very important to maintain or alter the results of your process.

This is the force between electrodes, the force of the electrodes is directly related to the heat applied to its material.

As we see in the image, by lowering the pressure (force) results in an increase in the heat applied to the part number,

Electrode strength, is defined as the pressure applied by the electrodes to the part numbers, this is applied during the squeeze time, the force to be applied is determined by the composition of the material and by the thickness of the sheet, an appropriate force will help us to concentrate the current in the desired area.

A variation in pressure will translate into a poor concentration of heat, variations in weld quality, or inconsistent detachment tests.

ALCAVIL operates equipment that helps us keep checking if the pressure between electrodes is maintained, They are known as force gauges for electrodes or in English force gauges.

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