Gauges for your Electrodes

conosidadImportance of matching the taper replacing electrodes

It is imperative that the adapter electrodes snaps correctly. If the cones coincide can not lead to a series of malfunctions such as: leaks, accelerated wear, that caps or electrodes detaching and damaging, and poor weld quality due to improper fastening.


Measuring electrodes cones:

The taper accepted as the RWMA (Resistance welder manufacturers Alliance).

This rule stipulates the angle of the cone, the gauge adapters for electrodes and caps (male and female).
To verify that the components adhere to the specifications, Alcavil recommends using a certified gauge to check taper ring adapters and to certify that they are correct measures of its electrodes, whether caps or standard electrodes.


As part of inspection procedure electrodes They are entering their new store, Always check that the specifications match, this when a new provider is or has been a change in the design, this will help to avoid problems with new products, preventing production problems or quality that may arise.

Always remember:

- Use the right tool to extract cap

- Never use a hammer, or vice grips to loosen the caps of an adapter, Maso only use rubber.

- Refrain from seat the caps hitting them with a hammer, replacement process should aim cap that caps seat properly; This will prevent misalignment and lower deformation.

If this is not practical with your team, use a small rubber hammer blows.



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