Electrodes – Electrodes


In order to obtain the best result in each operation of

Resistance Welding it is necessary to use the best electrode for your application. Selecting the right material is necessary since doing this could balance the wear and heat balance of the process. The footprint and contour of the electrode is very important, since with this we will be able to control the current density and the pressure in which the quality of the process is accepted. Incorrect geometry could result in an increase in the mark left on the material..

Spotting machine electrode
Class copper electrode 2 for resistance welding

However there are many alloys, types, commercially available electrode shapes and sizes, exist 6 standard tip types available, of which 3 are the most used that are:

1-. Flat Tip Electrode

2-. Radius Tip Electrode

3-. Dome Tip Electrode

most programs resistance welding, are based on these 3 tip types. Each electrode is manufactured using different types of alloys in order to provide the best combination of electrical and mechanical..

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