Controls for Resistance Welding

Over the years the processes of Resistance welding, they become increasingly competitive,
that's why we offer controls for your welding process according to your needs. From alternating current systems to inverter systems.

Why is it recommended to use an ENTRON control for your process?

ENTRON controls offer excellent repeatability in your weld, remembering that repetition equals quality, so this will be guaranteed.

We have the full range of ENTRON controls, from basic welding controls like the WS50 Single-phase controlSingle Phase Control WS500_February 2019

For more advanced automotive processes that requires:
– Point count control
– Current compensator (Fusion that allows us to repeat the point even though there are external variations to the control).
– Functions can be used to weld coated materials.

For processes like this, the ENTRON6001 control is recommended:


Controls can be used with advanced AC and DC control systems in addition to inverter applications including: Robotic, single and dual pistol, Dedicated Machines. Monitoring and data collection systems offer a wide range of communication options for Weld Analysis.