Caps and Adapters – Caps & Adapter Shanks

The caps They are used for mass production in which the operator does not
supervises the wearing of the electrode and in which the punteadora count with one
stepper (stepper) where compensating current will wear.

Production of caps It is made by an extrusion process of the copper.
exist standard measures for caps and adapters from class II
RWMA (coppers Alcavil) eliminating the accumulation of brass and
thanks to this, amperage in their processes, It can be reduced in
compared to the requirements of parameters products
competence required in your spot welding machine,
thus contributing, in a positive way, an extension of the life
from our caps and adapters.

No Hembra

Female Cap for Spotwelding

Cap Macho

Male Cap for Spotwelding

Cap Button

Tapered Buton Electrode

Straight adapter for any male

Shank for male caps

Straight adapter for any female

Shank for female cap

adaptador recto para cap hembra

Adapter cap bent to male

Bent offset shanks for male caps

Adapter cap folded for female

Bent offset shanks for female cap

bent offset cap for female cap